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Utopia Eastern Europe

Discourse Festival

Performances, Readings, Discussions, Screenings, Concerts, Music (DJ)

Winter 2023/2024

Visual Utopie Osteuropa

Two years later, the now historic date of the extension of the war in Ukraine not only stands for a brutal war of aggression, but also for a shift in perspective: Ukraine has moved to the focus of German attention and reveals the extent to which the German view eastwards has been shaped by stereotypes, ignorance, and disinterest. Within the framework of Utopia Eastern Europe, artists explore further aspects of resistance and resilience: humour in art, poetry as a form of survival, and discussions on art as a means of overcoming the present. What does this localization ‘East’ mean and do we even still need it? How can a dialogue ensue—or has it long been underway—in poetry and in music? And isn’t art the most fertile ground for a collective utopia anyway?

This project is co-conceptualized by visiting curator Max Czollek with Sasha Marianna Salzmann.