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Image Echos der Bruderländer

Echoes of the Brother Countries

What is the Price of Memory and What is the Cost of Amnesia? Or: Visions and Illusions of Anti-Imperialist Solidarities

An exhibition and research project at Haus der Kulturen der Welt

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Becoming Black (film still)

Becoming Black

D: Ines Johnson-Spain, Germany, 2019, 91', German with English subtitles



Followed by a conversation with the director

Adeus RDA (film still)

Short films



Followed by a conversation with Adel Karasholi

Longing Rather Than Belonging: Kurdishness as a Haunted House

Hiwa K: Conversation with the Artist


Photo: Reiner Blotny


In Search of the Forgotten


28.4. & 19.5.



HKW guided tour with Paz Guevara (2023)

A Walk Through the Exhibition with…

Guided tour




Paulino Miguel at the workshop of the Isaac-Newton-Schule (2023)

‘I thought we were friends’—On Ideals and Realities in the GDR

A Walk Through the Exhibition with Contemporary Witnesses

Guided tour


Programme HKW

Herbal pharmacy in Qamishlo, Syria. Photo: Anuscheh Amir-Khalili

Herbal Pharmacy: What We Bring With Us

with Anuscheh Amir-Khalili and Lea Nassim Tajbakhsh


27.4. | A Participatory Planet

Garden of Worlds

Healing plants and ancestral practices in defence of land and territory


29. & 30.4. | A Participatory Planet

Teia dos Povos: In defence of land and territory

Presentation and discussion

30.4. | A Participatory Planet


Programme HKW

Open Call: Cultures d’Avenir 2024

A European learning and exchange program

Photo: Marc Sebastian Eils

Kolonialismus erinnern

Discussions, Talks, Workshops, Excursions, Performance, Music


Archive Souq at HKW
Wed.–Mon. 12:00–19:00

Visual Jugendwohnkongress

Und bei dir so? Der Jugendwohnkongress für Berlin

Discussions, Talks, Workshops


Archive Souq at HKW
Wed.–Mon. 12:00–19:00

Cover: Echos der Bruderländer – Reader (DE)

Echos der Bruderländer – Reader (DE)

Was ist der Preis der Erinnerung und wie hoch sind die Kosten der Amnesie? Oder: Visionen und Illusionen antiimperialistischer Solidarität

Photo: © Iman Salem /Archive Souq

Archive Souq

Archive Souq at HKW
Wed.–Mon. 12:00–19:00

Image: Aziza Ahmad für Archive Books

Resignifying Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW)

HKW ventures to resignify each public space in its historic building with the names of women from different worlds who have contributed to the betterment of them.

Dine on a Mat—A Taste from the Fulani Kitchen with Chef Fatmata Binta, HKW, 4 June 2023. Photo: Mathias Voelzke

Fonio Salad

by Chef Fatmata Binta

Abschlusskongress: „Kann Schule Klima retten?“ in the context of S.O.S. – Schools of Sustainability, 2022

Schools of Sustainability

Agency in the Face of Crisis

The 5th International Asian, African, and Latin American Film Festival in Tashkent (23 May–1 June 1978). Senegalese actress Issa Nyang.

Destination: Tashkent

Experiences of Cinematic Internationalism


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