Yuriy Gurzhy, born in Ukraine, is a musician, DJ, producer, and author. He initiated the party series Russendisko (1999–2014, with Wladimir Kaminer) and Born in UA (2016–2017). Together with Daniel Kahn and Marina Frenk, he formed the trio The Disorientalists. He is the author of Richard Wagner und die Klezmerband. Auf der Suche nach dem neuen jüdischen Sound in Deutschland (2022) and has been keeping a war diary for Tagesspiegel since February 2022. He also released the albums Bleib zu Hause, Mama! (2022, with Kaminer & die Antikörpers), as well as SkovoroDance (2022) and Fokstroty (2021) with Serhiy Zhadan. Gurzhy lives and works in Berlin.

As of February 2024