2021, Thu, Jun 17 — 2021, Fri, Jun 18

Dear Future,

Grayson Play-Lab | Photo: Brandon Clifford. Image courtesy of Matter Design

Grayson Play-Lab | Photo: Brandon Clifford. Image courtesy of Matter Design

When and where does “life after school” actually begin and how can the transition be successful? It’s not just since the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic that we’ve known that learning and teaching urgently need to be rethought. What kind of curriculum empowers young people to actively shape the complexities of the future? How can art contribute to encountering social structures, modes of functioning and interrelations? Together with artists and everyday experts, students explore the question of how schools can give them tools for actively shaping their lives.

In projects at eleven Berlin schools, they develop collective visions of the future for living together in the city, they’ll research the hierarchization of knowledge and dreams, develop empowering strategies for dealing with politics or research the consequences of climate change and digitization.

The project results will be presented on June 17 and 18, 2021 at Dear Future at HKW. In a playful course, visitors can experience the eleven projects and will be asked to decipher a message from the future. On both days, participants will discuss topics such as digital lessons, schools in the Anthropocene and urban learning with experts from the education sector.

School projects:

  • Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in Britz with scifiko and kollektiv orangotango
  • Carl-Friedrich-von Siemens-Gymnasium in Siemensstadt with Thomas Meyer and Rike Scheffler
  • Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum with Labourgames
  • Fritz-Karsen-Schule in Britz with Stine Marie Jacobsen
  • Heinz-Brandt-Schule in Pankow with Anna Ehrenstein and Heiko-Thandeka Ncube
  • Hermann-Ehlers-Gymnasium in Steglitz with Siska and Franziska Pierwoss
  • Isaac-Newton-Schule in Oberschöneweide with Cana Bilir-Meier and Sham Jaff
  • Johanna-Eck-Schule in Tempelhof with Azin Feizabadi and Mariam Mekiwi
  • Nürtingen Schule in Kreuzberg with sideviews e.V., Jugendgremium Schattenmuseum and anspiel ensemble
  • Robert-Blum-Gymnasium in Schöneberg with QuerKlang e.V.
  • Rosa-Parks-Grundschule in Kreuzberg with SuperFuture