Schools of Tomorrow 3


Stine Marie Jacobsen | Law Shifters, A World Not Ours, 2017 | © Kunsthalle Mulhouse, courtesy the artist.

Stine Marie Jacobsen | Law Shifters, A World Not Ours, 2017 | © Kunsthalle Mulhouse, courtesy the artist.

Schools are laboratories for the society of tomorrow. But how can they become places where the future is produced? What social actors are needed? And what exactly do students want? Students, artists, educators and academics work together to explore how schools can be co-created.

In the third edition of the Schools of Tomorrow project, HKW is initiating new school projects to artistically research the future of schools. How can the transition from school to “real life” succeed better? How can a curriculum be designed to help young people prepare for the complexities of the present and empower them to actively shape them? How can art contribute to handling our society, its structures, functions and interdependencies? In tandem with artists, activists and everyday experts, students explore the pathways of merchandise ordered at the click of a mouse, get to the bottom of our medical system, develop empowering strategies for dealing with bureaucracy and politics or explore the consequences of climate change and digitization. The project results will be presented at HKW on March 18 and 19, 2021. The topics and results of the project will be discussed and evaluated with educational experts on both project days.

From May 2017 until June 2018, a kick-off conference (Schools of Tomorrow 1), an ideas competition and 21 school projects followed by a Test Run for the School of the Future (Schools of Tomorrow 2) negotiated ideas from everyday school life and concepts for school practice as part of Schools of Tomorrow. In 2019, teachers are reviewing the ideas developed in a practice-oriented further education course.

Part of The New Alphabet

Presentation of school projects, talks, workshops and panels with educational experts

March 18 & 19, 2021

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