Schools of Tomorrow 3


Grayson Play-Lab | Photo: Brandon Clifford. Image courtesy of Matter Design

Grayson Play-Lab | Photo: Brandon Clifford. Image courtesy of Matter Design

Schools are laboratories for the society of tomorrow. But how can they enable democratic, self-determined and sustainable action? At eleven Berlin schools, students, along with artists and everyday experts, explore the question of how schools can give them tools for actively shaping their lives.

It’s not just since the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic that we’ve known that learning and teaching urgently need to be rethought. Fresh methods and infrastructures are required that make knowledge transfer more responsive and that open up new digital and analog learning spaces beyond poorly equipped classrooms.

In the third edition of the Schools of Tomorrow project, HKW is initiating new school projects for artistic research into the future of education.

From May 2017 until June 2018, during the first two editions of Schools of Tomorrow, a kick-off conference, an ideas competition and 21 school projects followed by a test run for the school of the future negotiated ideas from the school routine and concepts for school practice. In 2019, teachers examined the ideas that had been developed in practice-oriented further education courses.

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June 17 & 18, 2021

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