Abdias Nascimento, Oxunmaré Ascende (Oshunmare Rising, 1972), painting, acrylic on canvas, 152 × 102 cm. IPEAFRO Black Art Museum Collection, digital reproduction by Miguel Pacheco e Chaves, RCS Arte Digital

O Quilombismo

Of Resisting and Insisting. Of Flight as Fight. Of Other Democratic Egalitarian Political Philosophies

Exhibition, Research project, Workshops, Performances, Publication

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O Quilombismo: Of Resisting and Insisting. Of Flight as Fight. Of Other Democratic Egalitarian Political Philosophies is a research undertaking, an exhibition, workshops, and a series of performances that invite artists, activists, scholars, and people from other walks of life to imagine new forms of cultural and political resistance through diverse emancipation projects, past and present. 

Carol Barreto, Asè, 2021

Acts of Opening Again

A Choreography of Conviviality

Nous nous connaissons en foule, dans l'inconnu qui ne terrifie pas. Nous crions le cri de poésie. Nos barques sont ouvertes, pour tous nous les naviguons.
—Édouard Glissant, Poétique de la Relation

Our goal is to create vibrant dishes inspired by Fulani communities across West and central Africa. We journey into kitchens of the keepers of authentic recipes and this advances a narrative of West African cuisine and of the Fulani people that features them as agents in their own histories, participating actively in the positioning of tradition as evolving and self-determined.

Tongue and Throat Memories

On hospitality and conviviality through food knowledges and convenings

Poster from the campaign What to do with the world?, 2023. Design: Wolfgang Tillmans with a quote from Craig Santos Perez

What to do with the world?

Billboard Campaign in Berlin

Benjamin Franklin quote in the foyer of Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

For the Love of Liberty?

(En)Countering Franklin


Enno Hallek, Bärbar solnedgång (Portable Sunset, 1990–2005)

As Though We Hid the Sun in a Sea of Stories

Fragments for a Geopoetics of North Eurasia

Exhibition, Publication

October 2023–January 2024
Birthday in the dormitory—contract workers from Vietnam in their accommodation in Dresden, GDR, February 1987

Echos der Bruderländer

What is the price of memory and what is the cost of amnesia? Or: Visions and illusions of anti-imperialist solidarities

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells

AI: Ancestral Immediacies

Technologies of Making the Past Present

Jugendgremium Schattenmuseum, Caelius Juvenilis, 2022


Ongoing cooperation

Internationaler Literaturpreis logo

Internationaler Literaturpreis 2023

Prize for Contemporary Literatures in Translation

Odessa, 2018

Utopia Eastern Europe

Discourse Festival

Tanka Fonta, Epistemic Interrelatedness I: 'I have Eaten Of The Sun II', detail from The Cosmigenic Interconnectedness: 'How Did We Talk Before The Roman Alphabet', 2023, HKW foyer.


Music Festival

The 5th International Asian, African, and Latin American Film Festival in Tashkent (23 May–1 June 1978). Senegalese actress Issa Nyang.

Destination: Tashkent

Experiences of Cinematic Internationalism

Walk with Berlin Postkolonial, Cultures d’Avenir Workshop, February 2023

Cultures d’Avenir

Exchange and research programme


Monthly discussion series

Raumlabor Berlin, sketch

Shaped to the Measure of the People’s Songs

Annual Series of Artistic Interventions in Public Space, in 2023 with raumlaborberlin

Middle Ground

Interactions –Transactions – Reciprocities

Photo: Nikita Taparia, Unsplash

Sensing Worlds

South-South Epistemologies and Praxes

Abschlusskongress: „Kann Schule Klima retten?“ in the context of S.O.S. – Schools of Sustainability, 2022

Schools of Sustainability

Agency in the Face of Crisis