New Alphabet School


Wattenmeer (2019) | © Maternal Fantasies

Wattenmeer (2019) | © Maternal Fantasies

The New Alphabet School is a collaborative self-organized school with the aim to explore critical and affirmative research practices. Over the course of three years, it will function as a colloquium to engage in discussions and develop new ideas in the fields of the arts, archives, poetics and activism.

HKW offers a space for research approaches outside of academic, disciplinary or genre constraints, seeking different methods of learning and unlearning in order to rethink the idea of criticism as a practice of shared responsibility and care.

The New Alphabet School will combine a HKW-based colloquium and site-specific events with partner institutions worldwide. In these cooperations the school will analyze taxonomies, legislations or institutional frameworks in order to come to an understanding of the logics of current structures of knowledge production.

Is it possible to imagine an overabundance of multifarious fields of languages, knowledge production, and learning practices beyond one universal matrix? Can common reference points and collective action be enabled without monopolistic force? How can knowledge be both situated and globally relevant?

The New Alphabet School is part of The New Alphabet. It was inaugurated with an (Un-)Learning Place in January 2019 and will continue with ten events worldwide until 2021.



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