2021, Thu, Feb 04 — 2021, Sat, Feb 06


With Germane Acogny, Ibaaku, Tabita Rezaire and others

Tabita Rezaire | Dilo, 2017 | Courtesy of the artist und Goodman Gallery, South Africa

Tabita Rezaire | Dilo, 2017 | Courtesy of the artist und Goodman Gallery, South Africa

Gaps, holes, erasures are spectral wounds in the flesh of history. In the context of the Black Atlantic and African history, how can repair – beyond material reparation – acknowledge that former memories, relations and possibilities can never be fully restituted? How to heal what haunts the present time, in the social body and collective consciousness, looking for missing voices and unveiled stories?

In order to overcome the spectrum of past and future oppressive systems, this edition of the New Alphabet School will look at literature as well as political activism as liberatory pedagogies, and set out to reclaim social technologies of healing as conceived of in African cosmology. Healing will focus on afro-diasporic spiritual or folk healing practices, lay movements for recovery – therapeutic, self-help, shamanistic, feminist practices – to generate ideas and media that may have transformative potential.

Holding space with choreographer and dancer Germaine Acogny, artists Tabita Rezaire and Ibaaku, vocalist Kalsoum, master of ceremony from the Thiant and storytellers from the Griot traditions among others, Healing takes form as a three-day residency bringing together healers, artists, practitioners and scholars to share knowledge on healing traditions and technologies grounded in indigenous and ancestral knowledge systems.

Convened by Maya V. El Zanaty, Alessandra Pomarico, Yayra Sumah and Esther Poppe

In collaboration with BibliothèqueTerme-Sud, RAW Material Company, École de Sables, Ecoversities Alliance