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Video – 1:06:09

Tom McCarthy, Elvia Wilk: Just Fucking Weird

Part of “The New Weird” Discussion with Jim Clarke, Tom McCarthy, Alison Sperling, Elvia Wilk English original version Mar 28, 2019

Video – 0:17:37

Elvia Wilk: Introduction

Part of “The New Weird” English original version Mar 28, 2019

Video – 0:33:20

Giuseppe Longo: Alphabets, Axioms, DNA: On Human Knowledge and the Myth of Alphanumeric Coding

Part of “The Discrete Charm of the Alphabet” English original version Lecture, Jan 11, 2019

Video – 1:44:47

Anthropocene Lecture: McKenzie Wark

With Giulia Rispoli English original version Lecture, May 28, 2017