100 Years of Now


What is contemporary? Diagnosing the present 2015–2018

World Politics – Dream States – Data Streams: 100 Years of Now combines diagnoses of our times with scopes of action. In its latest long-term project, HKW examines the interrelations between global conflicts, classification systems and technologies.

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Video – 1:42:58

A conversation about cities and politics, in play and in earnest (German)

With Christophe Kotanyi, Joshua Kwesi Aikins, Christiane Hütter, Christine Scherzinger, Denis Petri, moderated by Dorett Mumme German original version Nov 25, 2018

Video – 1:24:39

An evening devoted to art and politics, in play and in earnest

With Cesy Leonard, Dmitry Vilensky, Vincent Meessen, Mirjam Schaub, moderated by Petra Stegmann English original version Talk, Nov 9, 2018

Video – 0:06:45

The Most Dangerous Game | Feature (German, English)

Wolfgang Scheppe, Roberto Ohrt, Eleonora Sovrani and Bernd Scherer on the exhibition “The Most Dangerous Game. The Situationist International en route for May ’68”

Audio – 0:14:54

Hassan Khan: Stuffed Creatures Also Have a Life

English original version Presentation, Nov 3, 2018

Audio – 0:23:06

Anna Zett: Minimal Manipulation (German)

German original version Lecture Performance, Nov 3, 2018

Audio – 0:22:47

Anna Zett: Minimal Manipulation

English translation Lecture Performance, Nov 3, 2018