Welcome to HKW’s website. Inspired by the institution’s strong tradition of publishing and its position as an important site for knowledge production and discourse, we take the view that providing a platform for a plurality of voices, languages, and formats is an essential part of our programme. It is also one of the best ways to reach out to audiences, both local and international—those who might be able to join us physically, as well as our audience that includes a global public, which can access materials and documentation that we share online. We are equally committed to accessibility, both in terms of content and when it comes to the usability of the website.

This website was conceived and developed in close collaboration with HENKELHIEDL, a Berlin-based creative and digital agency, which took our visions for plurality to heart, and challenged us to follow them to an unexpected, yet completely convincing conclusion: the new website for HKW should not—could not—have a singular, static visual design. Though the structure of the website is quite simple and remains fixed, what you will be able to see in the coming weeks and months are a nearly limitless multiplicity of visual variations, each driven by an algorithm that draws from a pool of font types, shapes, colorways, and the like. This pool will continuously expand as we invite designers, artists, typographers, and others from around the globe to contribute new impulses to the mix. For now, a new design will be generated every hour–please visit again soon!