The experimental documentary Quilombo, Continuum interrupts and challenges the myths of social cohesion and racial democracy in Brazil. Combining archival material with statements from the Black Radical Tradition spoken by Beatriz Nascimento, Lélia Gonzalez, and Abdias Nascimento, as well as by the contemporary activists and politicians such as Erica Malunguinho, Debora Dias, Julio Cesar, and others, the film invites viewers to take a closer look at the practice of quilombo. The multitude of voices, practices, and memories the documentary encompasses offer a guide through the history of quilombos and their reactivation today.

The screening is followed by a conversation with the film-maker Juliana M. Streva and the artists Zica Pires and Carol Barreto, moderated by Paz Guevara and Carlos Maria Romero aka Atabey. The participants comment on the film from their experience of contemporary struggles and knowledge of quilombos, considering their history and importance in asserting the rights of Afro-Brazilian people and the affirmation of culture in equal terms.