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Cultural Education


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The themes that are made present in HKW’s discourse programmes, exhibitions, and performances form the starting point for its educational projects. The cultural education programme resembles a membrane that information and experiences can flow in and out of. It provides access to the programmatic content, processes the themes at a project-specific level, and makes them accessible to different communities and individuals. It is directed at schools, networks, families, individual visitors, and partner institutions with different preconditions and interests in mind. Moreover, it is always focused on dismantling barriers and providing safe learning environments.

Cultural education at HKW not only accompanies the overall programme, but also develops its own projects, addressing themes such as artistic research, participation, political and digital self-empowerment, and diversity. In training courses for teachers and long-term school partnerships, the focus is on HKW’s current themes, as well as learning in the age of AI, and managing the realities of the climate crisis.

Guided tours, workshops
Guided tours in multiple languages, exhibition visits with art educators, or talks with curators and experts from a wide range of disciplines illuminate the curatorial concepts of the respective exhibitions. Making the cultural education programme more accessible is done so by providing texts in simplified language and offering barrier-free guided tours. Independent of the current programme calendar, there are also various opportunities to explore the architecture of HKW as well as organize a group tour by prior arrangement. Artistic workshops for different age groups also accompany some of the exhibitions or as stand-alone offerings throughout the year.

Prices and registration:

  • Exhibition tour dates can be found in the calendar: €3 plus entrance ticket, free admission for those under 18, no registration required
  • Exhibition visit with an educators/curators can be found in the calendar: included in the price of an entrance ticket, no registration required
  • Private group tours: Appointments on request, max. 20 persons; €75 plus entrance tickets (90 min. tour in German and/or English); please send booking requests at least two weeks in advance to: education@hkw.de
  • Guided tours for school classes and university seminars can be requested free of charge via email: education@hkw.de
  • Barrier-free guided tours of the architecture can be found in the calendar or can be requested via email: education@hkw.de
  • Guided tours for children can be found in the calendar or can be requested via email: education@hkw.de
  • Workshops: Prices vary; please consult the current programme for more information.

School Partnerships
Artistic research is at the focus of the cultural education programme’s cooperation with schools. Within the framework of HKW-initiated school partnerships, school students and artists conduct research together over the course of project days and weeks, exploring the meaning of the themes addressed at HKW and how they pertain to their own lives, and artistically processing their insights in presentations or workshops. The goal is to integrate new themes and methods into school praxis and facilitate an exploration into global topics and issues by means of artistic research.


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