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2019, Sun, Sep 15


With Aral Balkan, Nikita Dhawan, Bogomir Doringer, Raul Krauthausen, moderated by Margarita Tsomou

Bodies reflect social conditions, but they can also be instruments of political expression and artistic positioning. In the panel, artists and activists will deal with the body as a political event. Since 2012, Human Rights Tattoo has been inking the words of the UN Charter on Human Rights, letter by letter, on the skin of people worldwide.

Is the declaration that came into force 70 years ago still relevant today? Does it need to be revised to eliminate standardization, resolutely combat racism, promote inclusion and consider human rights in the digital world? And what artistic and activist strategies can help people and bodies achieve political autonomy?

WithAral Balkan (web activist), Nikita Dhawan (professor of political science), Bogomir Doringer (artist, researcher, curator), Raul Krauthausen (inclusion activist), moderated by Margarita Tsomou (author, curator)