2019, Sun, Sep 15

Body Enhancements: Options and Conflicts

With Anisha Müller, Yvonne Zindel

© Anisha Müller

© Anisha Müller

Human enhancements are medical interventions not intended for treating diseases, but to surpass given bodily functions. But where does this optimization begin? With sunscreen that protects the body with titanium particles, or oral contraceptives that optimize the menstrual cycle? With artificial insemination or fitness apps?

Prosthetics, originally intended to restore the function of an organ or limb, today make it possible to overcome physical limits. The female body in particular is the site of mechanical, surgical or even genetic optimization. The lecture performance questions the social, political and ethical implications of such body enhancements.

With Anisha Müller (artist, activist), Yvonne Zindel (author, curator), Ngoc Anh Vu (Lecturer), Mathieu Cortin (Lecturer)