2018, Sun, May 27


With Jenny Nachtigall & Charles W. Haxthausen, moderated by Kerstin Stakemeier

Charles W . Haxthausen is Robert Sterling Clark Professor of Art History, Emeritus, at Williams College, USA. He is the author of numerous articles on modern and contemporary art and art criticism with a focus on Germany. Publications include Berlin: Culture and Metropolis (1990, with Heidrun Suhr), The Two Art Histories: The Museum and the University (2002), and Sol LeWitt: The Well-Tempered Grid (2012). His translations of selected art criticism by Carl Einstein, A Mythology of Forms, will be published in spring 2019.

Jenny Nachtigall works at the Institute for Philosophy and Aesthetic Theory of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In 2016 she completed her PhD Beyond Modernism: Form as Contradiction in Berlin Dada at University College London. She currently works on the afterlives of vitalism in modern and contemporary art and theory. Recent publications include Realism after Fetishism (2018, with Veronika Thanner et al.) and Klassensprachen—Written Praxis (2017, with Manuela Ammer et al.). Among other journals, she writes for Texte zur Kunst and Artforum.

Kerstin Stakemeier is Professor for Art Theory and Education at the Academy of the Fine Arts Nuremberg. She is the editor, among other works, of Painting—The Implicit Horizon (2012, with Avigail Moss), Macht des Materials/Politik der Materialität (2014, with Susanne Witzgall), and Klassensprachen—Written Praxis (2017, with Manuela Ammer et al.), the latter a magazine project with exhibitions of the same name at district Berlin and Kunstverein Düsseldorf. Her publications include Reproducing Autonomy (2016, with Marina Vishmidt) and a monograph about anti-modern aesthetics (2017).

Part of the conference Deep Time and Crisis, c. 1930