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Dos disparos (Two Shots Fired)

D: Martín Rejtman, ARG/CHI/NL/D 2014, 104 min, English subtitles

Dos disparos (Two Shots Fired), film still | © Promo

Dos disparos (Two Shots Fired), film still | © Promo

The hottest day of the year: Mariano, 17, goes dancing at the club, goes home, takes a swim in the pool, cuts the grass, finds a gun and shoots himself, on a thoughtless impulse, in the head and belly. He survives. From now on, he becomes conspicuous in his flute ensemble by producing strange, jarring notes. The untraceable bullet in his abdomen is an enigma. Cell phones ring, answers are lacking, the dog disappears...

With quiet humor, the new movie by minimalist and writer Martín Rejtman dissects an unstable family constellation in the context of a society that represses conflicts.

“Dos disparos centers on chance – the unpredictable, the inexplicable – and the whimsical, both zany and clear-sighted Argentinian middle class.” Alan Pauls