Sat, Jun 7, 2014
Lecture Hall
9 pm
Free admission
Adel Abidin: Three Love Songs, Photo: Promo

Michelle Deignan: Her Fanciful Digression
Ireland, United Kingdom 2012, exp. Fiction, hdcam, color, 10:54 min

Adel Abidin: Three Love Songs
Finland 2010, Video, hdv, color, 09:39 min

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster: Belle comme le jour
France 2012, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 12:00 min

Carles Congost: Paradigm
Spain, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 10:16 min

Niklas Goldbach: Bel Air
Germany 2012, Video, hdcam, color, 08:04 min

Bjørn Melhus: Sudden Destruction
Germany 2012, Video, hdcam, color, 04:20 min

Persijn Broersen, Margit Lukacs: Beyond Sunset & Sunrise
Netherlands, USA 2013, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 28:30 min

Michelle Deignan imagines an encounter between an Irish feminist of the 19th Century, Anna Doyle Wheeler, and the landscape painter John Constable. The romanticism aesthetic of a cultural and political context and the economic changes of the era are examined, as well as the application that is done through cinema. Adel Abidin explores the use of images and the manipulation that is done to it. Three archetype characters of occidental singers sing without understanding the context, the songs that Saddam Hussein ordered for the glorification of his regime. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Tristan Bera have a dialogue with the Buñuel cinema, and write the story of Séverine, before she becomes “Belle de jour”. At the Régina Hotel, where she stays in Paris, she makes a trip to the Louvre, where she has a strange conversation with an unknown. Carles Congost picks up a stereotupe of an opening scene of an action film. As the narrative takes shape, the subtle signs that discord surface and articulates a mysterious choreography. Niklas Goldbach follows a car trip, in the national park of Evergaldes in the United States. The characters, played by the same actor, are quite figurative of the artist, viewed here in multiples, communicating through non-verbal signs. Bjørn Melhus incarnates different roles. A man in a hotel, a television news presenter, and a body under a sheet that suddenly wakes up and foresees the advent of an apocalyptic destruction. Broersen & Lukacs direct a mosaic film, where the characters of classic Hollywood films fight over their aspirations leading to destruction.