Coming to Terms

Sat, Jun 7, 2014
Lecture Hall
7 pm
Free admission
Jon Jost : Coming to Terms, Photo: Promo

Maribel Chavez: Preparación
Peru 2012, Animation, dv, black and white, 03:00 min

Jon Jost: Coming to Terms
USA 2013, Fiction, hdv, color, 1:29:00 min

Maribel Chavez shows the body in continuous conversion, in a state quasi inorganic. Developed under a fictional form, “Coming to Terms” by Jon Jost is a cinematographic meditation on death, on its psychological impact on a fragmented and divided family. The father, interpreted by James Benning, summons his family. This family facing death becomes the figure of the ensemble of the great American family. The formal structure of the film cuts loose the expected narrative in cinema, and proposes a remarkable introspection to questions related to the image and the links between beings. A cult American filmmaker of the independent scene, Jon Jost deploys and diverts in this film all possibilities in digital cinema and fiction.