2014, Sun, Jun 08

Documentary Approaches

Juan Manuel Echavarria : Requiem NN | Photo: Promo

Juan Manuel Echavarria : Requiem NN | Photo: Promo

Michele Bressan: Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Floor
Romania 2010, Documentary, dv, color, 04:27 min

Julieta Hanono: Circunvalación?
Argentina 2013, exp. Documentary, hdv, color, 08:44 min

Juan Manuel Echavarria: Requiem NN
Colombia 2013, Documentary, hdcam, color, 01:07:22 min

Michele Bressan films a residential building opposite his own; in the street that was for 17 years his immediate cityscape. Julieta Hanono films Marga and Mariela at the border of “Circunvalación”, the highway that surrounds the city of Rosario in Argentina. There are metalwork factories; the harbour is a few kilometres away. The trucks come from different provinces of the country. In “Requiem NN”, Juan Manuel Echavarria is interested in the rituals and resistance acts of the inhabitants of Puerto Berrío in Colombia, who know the continuous violence cycles from centuries before. The Magdalena River carries the corpses. The film follows their recovery, their burial, the favours that people ask to the souls of NN (The Non-Named) and the baptism of these unrecognized corpses, following a collective rite that took place over 30 years ago.

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