2022, Mar 24, Thu — 2022, Mar 26, Sat

The Whole Life Congress Berlin

Lectures, panels, installations, performances, screenings, academy, website

Mar 24–26, 2022

Mar 24–Apr 18, 2022

Online platform

How do archives influence today’s social realities? Can archives be decolonized in the digital space? And how can archives enable alternative ideas of the future?

Based on various artistic positions, the Whole Life Congress Berlin reflects on archives as places for counter-narratives and illuminates the many links between archives and society. Archives are embedded in a social environment and are part of cultural and political discourse systems. Archivists not only extract contemporary knowledge from the past, but rather tell stories about future knowledge. Archives are thus two things: They are places of preservation, repetition and reconstruction, in which, say, imperial mindsets from the past are extended into the future. They are also however, places of potential designs for the future. How can hegemonic continuities be revealed in archival contexts and how do they reflect social reality? The congress explores alternative archival technologies, narrative forms and future scenarios.

With installations by

Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Chto Delat, Tony Cokes, Assaf Gruber, Hannah Hurtzig, Olaf Nicolai, Clarissa Thieme & Charlotte Eifler.

With contributions by

Bini Adamczak, Amanda Boetzkes, Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, Avery F. Gordon, Doreen Mende, Ines Schaber, Shela Sheikh, Oxana Timofeeva, Kathryn Yusoff and others.

The first congress was held in Dresden as part of The Whole Life: Archives and Reality in May 2019.

Part of The Whole Life: An Archive Project