The Whole Life Academy Berlin

2021, Apr 18, Sun — 2021, Apr 22, Thu

Whole Life Academy Dresden, 2019 | Photo: Laura Fiorio

Whole Life Academy Dresden, 2019 | Photo: Laura Fiorio

The Whole Life Academy is an experimental, collaborative research initiative. It takes on the long-term development of a hands-on methodology of site-specific research. Its participants collectively develop and practice a “nomadic curriculum”, a spatially expanded research setting that develops through a movement of knowledge and its producers, applying questions and methods on site, within and in-between archival settings, objects, and narratives.

The second edition of the Academy is set to take place in Berlin. In a week-long program of excursions, seminars, and archival viewings the archive is taken up as a space for dialogue, collective knowledge production and mobilization in the midst of current social and political upheaval. Alternative archival methods and practices are explored in relation to urgent discussions on natural and cultural ecologies, on decolonizing and rereading archival objects, and on the ways that digital and analogue tools can re-open historical narratives and canons.

A parallel public program of panels, screenings, object viewings, talks, and more is planned.

The first edition took place in Dresden in May 2019.

Part of The Whole Life: An Archive Project

Apr 18–22, 2021
Haus der Statistik, HKW and others

In English and German
Free admission with registration

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