Wassermusik: Black Atlantic Revisited

Animation: NODE Berlin Oslo, based on the artwork Playground 10 (2017) by Alice Quaresma; Music: Para Lennon e McCartney by Milton Nascimento

Director Bernd Scherer on the program July/August

Dear Guests,
In the summertime, the programming content at HKW is linked to our special location between the Spree and Tiergarten. This year, Wassermusik makes the theme Black Atlantic Revisited tangible with concerts by musicians such as Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento and Angélique Kidjo. In this framework, Paul Gilroy, who coined the term and thus codetermined postcolonial discourse, is also a guest of a conference by the Goethe-Institut at HKW, which takes academic and artistic looks at the South Atlantic connections. Floating Alphabet, a poetry program, will explore on one of the most influential poems of literary history on a boat trip. I also invite you to the landscape of memory by Ulrike Ottinger, who will take us to 1960s Paris with an exhibition and films.

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