Have you already found a place to live, or are you still looking? At the Youth Housing Congress, young Berliners spend a day talking to experts about housing and developing ideas on how to improve their housing situation. In the morning, different issues and personal motivations are discussed in workshops. In the afternoon, there are offers for the artistic realisation of the resulting ideas and ambitions. In the evening, all participants are invited to express their visions and demands in a creative manner and discuss them with policymakers of the City of Berlin. Afterwards there is a party!


11:00 Impulses: Living in Berlin—What about you? With Estera Stan and Bana Mahmood

11:30 Standpoints: Our right to the city

What do you have to say? What questions do you have? Exchange ideas with guests in parallel forums on the following issues: Housing—more than just a roof over your head / Power and powerlessness on the housing market / No coal: sustainable housing / What if ... housing as a human right? / We are here! Housing and empowerment

14:00 What's up? Artistic-media productions

Build your perfect place, write down your visions, set your ideas to music and get creative on the subject of housing! With Daniel Vishnya, Marco Maria Perez, Tobias Thiel, Roland Krause, Lisa Krehl, Sarah Wenzinger, Sami El-Ali

17:30 Tacheles: Our visions on the housing issue. Project presentations and discussion with the Berlin urban community. Impulse: Dr. Joanna Kusiak (University of Cambridge)



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