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The Anthropocene at HKW

research project probed the cultural, socio-economic and political implications of the Anthropocene with

Thu 16.07.2020
9:30 pm–5:56 pm

Alpi | Two Days at the Falls

Film | #1 Bilder sammeln
20 Sunsets
study the complexity of social, economic and political relationships. In the Europe of today, the Alps

Fri 24.07.2020
10 pm–5:56 pm

Spell Reel | Memory Also Die

Film | #2 Bilder ausgraben
20 Sunsets
era – were a period of economic boom, marked by a strange mix of optimism, dreams, and ambition on the

Anthropocene Observatory: Danksagung

Economic Growth, Delhi — Manoj Panda, Amita Baviskar — Ravi Agarwal — Amar Kanwar —Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica

(Un-)Learning Tracks

working body already constituted as an economic-technological force, the human body might be conceived of

Contributors: Ivonne González

Ivonne González Ivonne González is a singer and a lawyer in economic affairs. She has been active

Amie Siegel: Love Letters

from photography, film, and video to performance, often tracing the undercurrents of economic and

Publication: Staat 1–4

digital space for democratic processes and participation? And how does the economic elite influence world

Sat 23.11.2019
7:30 pm–5:56 pm

Roundtable: Reshaping Regulations

Right the Right
), Joe Karaganis (The American Assembly, Columbia University), Rasmus Fleischer (Department of Economic (...)
, Columbia University), Rasmus Fleischer (Department of Economic History, Stockholm...

Mississippi. An Anthropocene River: Field Station 5

well as by global economic forces. These factors determine the topography, infrastructure and social

Martin Wagner: The Growing House

-economic circumstances of the inhabitants. These models were exhibited in Berlin and documented in the

Contributors: Marianna Liosi

social, economic and political dynamics, with specific attention to media, technology and the question of

Performing Arts

society? What significance does the digital space have for democratic processes? And how do economic

Sun 24.11.2019
2 pm–5:56 pm

Digital Music Ecosystems: From Fair Trade to Smart Contracts

Talks, discussion
Right the Right
business model and the cultural industry is a key economic factor in many countries. At the same time (...)
Today, copyright is a globalized business model and the cultural industry is a key economic factor

Sun 24.11.2019
5 pm–5:56 pm

Howie Lee in conversation with Antonio Roberts

Artist Talk
Right the Right
become a major economic factor and the trade in creative goods is growing exponentially in China. On the

Dogma + Realism Working Group: Communal Villa. Production and Reproduction in Artists’ Housing

challenge traditional designs and their underlying economic frameworks. * Artistic practice is exemplary for

Sat 23.11.2019
3:30 pm–5:56 pm

Copyright Politics in the Age of Platform Capitalism

Right the Right
University), Rasmus Fleischer (Department of Economic History, Stockholm University), Martin Kretschmer

Mississippi. An Anthropocene River: Field Station 4

ecological-economic-technological infrastructures of the Anthropocene in public events. In addition to an

Kotti & Co + Estudio Teddy Cruz + Forman

marginalization. In their conversation, housing is opened up into its political, social, and economic dimensions

Publication: The Potosí Principle. How Can We Sing the Song of the Lord in an Alien Land

capitalism. The dynamics of this economic colonialism spawned the production of images on a mass scale, not