2021, Sat, Oct 02

Flight and Economics

Photo: Sebastian Bolesch, 2013

Photo: Sebastian Bolesch, 2013

Flight is linked to economic aspects on various levels. From how migrants finance the stages of the journey to what the material situation looks like after arrival, the panel sheds light on the systemic exploitation of migrants as well as economic friction points in relation to the labor market and social systems.

Trade unionist Fessum Ghirmazion, political theorist Sandro Mezzadra, climate and migration researcher Kira Vinke and activist Moro Yapha ask: How can a different understanding of integration – one based on social rights – emerge and be promoted on a political level? Finally, the panel considers how the current global economy, climate justice and the concomitant conditions and practices of migration are connected. Are we all becoming mobile?

Moderated by Manuela Bojadžijev

Followed by a Q&A