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100 Years of Now

HKW has launched a new four-year project called 100 Years of Now. Until 2018, exhibitions, musical and educational projects, discourses and plays will deal with the global transformations and classification systems that emerged from the First World War. Anyone who wants to understand our age needs new frames of reference. The idea that has been widespread for some time that there is one globalized world cannot be substantiated. Indeed, in many places entirely asymmetrical presents exist side by side. Technological, social and natural processes have intertwined over the past one hundred years to form a technosphere that spans the planet. How did the history of humankind become the history of the planet? And in what way does the technosphere allow for responsible human acts?

In 2016, HKW will examine these issues as part of 100 Years of Now with the Singing the War music festival, the exhibition Nervous Systems, the Technosphere Campus and the Pop 16 festival, the Dictionary of Now series, Rimini Protokoll’s theatrical cooperation State 1-4 and the stage productions Utopian Realities.