No! Music

2017, Nov 09, Thu — 2017, Nov 12, Sun

When there are no more gaps in the system, negation is the last resort. The structures of capitalism are everywhere; alternative ideas or an exit seem no longer possible. Even critical minds have long accepted this despite a certain degree of uneasiness. The market decides the rules in music, too. Bands and artists use brand-name gadgets, Amazon sales, Facebook, streaming services, the cloud or similar services. Some cover the logo of their laptops during stage performances – a last reminder of resistance in music? Is it all just meaningless posing?

The No! Music theme days are looking for the holdouts and possibilities for dissent in music: artists who work counter to the music industry and the expectations of the music market, against confining listening and performing practices. The event features musicians whose works negotiate discomfort in the face of marketing mechanisms, who do not want to play along or, in the face of constant auditory overstimulation, are experimenting with the most radical break, the negation of sound itself. They take as their theme the sounds that are not permitted to be heard: censored and forbidden music.

HKW curator Detlef Diederichsen examines the operating systems of music and the music industry over the past 100 years and pursues leitmotifs of pop history from unexpected perspectives. For No! Music, he is collaborating with Martin Hossbach, who is an author, label operator and music curator, among others at the Berlin Pop-Kultur Festival.

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November 9-12, 2017