With the curators Sasha Marianna Salzmann and Max Czollek

With Katharina Warda, Yevgenia Belorusets, and Olga Shparaga
Moderated by Sasha Marianna Salzmann and Max Czollek

What role does the political situation in Eastern Europe play for the entire European region and what impact does it have on art and literature? Yevgenia Belorusets and Olga Shparaga, two key players in the Ukrainian and Belarusian cultural scene, discuss these questions together with the author Katharina Warda, who is investigating the history of minorities and right-wing violence in the GDR.

Fo Sho

Fo Sho is the hip hop project of the three sisters Miriam, Siona, and Betty Endale, who not only stand for brilliant rap, but also for a piece of the Eastern European present: Ukrainian, Jewish, Black. As the children of Jewish migrants from Ethiopia, the sisters grew up in Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine and attended an ultra-Orthodox school there. With secular music forbidden at home, they later found their own approach to genres such as R'n'B and trap, founding Fo Sho in 2019. After the expansion of the war in Ukraine in 2022, the trio had to flee Ukraine and since then have continued advocating for resistance and awakening through music.

DJ set by Anna Schreit

Information in German Sign Language (DGS):


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