Anna and the prince (แหม่มแอนนา หัวนม มาคา รอง โพนยางคำ และการศึกษาขั้ นพื้ นฐาน)
Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke, 2014, Thailand, 41'
Thai with English subtitles

A Simple Love Story
Hnin Papa Soe, 2017, Myanmar, 21'
Burmese with English subtitles

Ex Nilalang: From creature ~ from creation
Club Ate (Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra), 2017, Philippines, 14'
English, Tagalog with English subtitles

It’s All Because of a Katoey (กะเทยเป็ นเหตุ)
Ledger Group, 1954, Thailand, 13’
Accompanied with live music by Kei Watanabe

While no selection can adequately represent the vast complexity of queerness—especially transfeminine identities or the figure of the so-called ladyboy—in South East Asia, this programme of short films aims to start a conversation on queerness beyond western LGBTQ+ identities in relation to colonial histories and forms of queer sociality. The films explore how fluid sociality disrupts heteronormative structures—from contemporary speculation on precolonial Babaylan shamans to norm-defying partnerships in Myanmar and a (neo)colonial camp take on the civilization of Siam. The programme also includes the earliest forms of drag in Thai cinema, coming from the Thai Film Archive. A conversation with Ragil Huda, Indonesian queer scholar and Germany-based representative of Queer Asia network, follows after the screening.

Co-conceptualized with Sarnt Utamachote.

As part of into the unfathomable pearl (tungo sa di-abot-diling perlas)

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