The Schattenmuseum (shadow museum)—composed of thirteen young people ranging in age from eleven to twenty- one who speak a total of six languages—understands itself as an alternative approach to conceptualizing a cultural institution. Taking the perspective of the imaginary alien species Caelius Juvenilis, for Echos der Bruderländer the Schattenmuseum delves into the history of former contract workers from the ‘brother countries’. In combination with interviews with contemporary witnesses, young people draw upon their own lived experience to consider how the politics of the former brother countries have had an impact on current social issues such as right-wing extremism, racism, xenophobia, and other forms of discrimination. The research culminates in an ‘extraterrestrial symposium’ involving the audience

CAELIUS JUVENILIS - Part III was developed with the support of contemporary witness Mavinga P. Petrasch.