Spanning collage, painting, sculpture, installation, and film, Andro Wekua’s practice revolves around the complexity of personal and political history. The artist was born in Sokhumi and his childhood was impacted by the turbulence brought about by the Abkhaz-Georgian conflict, which was followed by the displacement of Georgians from Abkhazia in the wake of the USSR’s decline. In Folded Sunset, Wekua employs an architectural model as a vessel of memory, trying to piece together fragments of fading mental images of his hometown. Like a mirage, the model of the artist’s childhood house stands atop a folded sunset in a gradient red colour reminiscent of an inverted pyramid. Transcending mere historical events, the installation delves into permutations of memory.

Work in the exhibition: Folded Sunset (2012), acrylic plaster, wood, steel, gypsum fiberboard, acrylic paint, pigmented cast glass, stainless steel, 196 × 152 × 151 cm. Courtesy of the Collection Marco Rossi, Torino