Howard Caygill

The Folly of Speculation

Tue, May 21, 2013
7 pm
Free admission
Speculative Thinking in Art, Literature and Philosophy

The Critique of Pure Reason begins by evoking the folly of speculation - the 'peculiar fate' of reason is to drive itself to and beyond the point of madness.

Howard Caygill (Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston College London) will reflect on the implications of this proximity of critique, speculation and psychopathology for speculative philosophy and for the thinking of madness.

Moderation: Armen Avanessian (in English)

Howard Caygill is Professor of Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University London. Having taught at the Department of History at Goldsmiths, University of London before, Caygill’s publications concerning Kant (Art of judgement, 1989 and A Kant dictionary, 1995), Walter Benjamin (The Colour of Experience, 1998) and french philosopher Emmanuel Levinas (Levinas and the Political, 2002) reflect the wide field of his research interests, including among others history of philosophy, aesthetics, religion and cultural history.