Peter Osborne

The Postconceptual Condition: A Report on Art

Sun, Apr 14, 2013
7 pm
Free admission
Speculative Thinking in Art, Literature and Philosophy

One of the functions of art history has been to provide models of periodization. Classical, romantic, modern, postmodern and contemporary art all of their origin as art-historical concepts which became generalized to theorize wider cultural processes, thus being transformed, and reflected back upon its art historical meaning, changing it in turn. Wherein lies the contemporaneity of contemporary art? What can the contemporary tell us more generally about our cultural condition?

Moderation: Armen Avanessian (in English)

Peter Osborne is Professor of Modern European Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), Kingston University London, and a long-standing member of the editorial collective of the British journal Radical Philosophy. His books include The Politics of Time: Modernity and Avant-Garde (1995; 2011), Philosophy in Cultural Theory (2000), Conceptual Art (2002), Marx (2005) and El arte más allá de la estética: Ensayos filosóficos sobre el arte contemporáneo (CENDEAC, Murcia, 2010). His new book, Anywhere or Not at All: Philosophy of Contemporary Art will be published by Verso in April 2013. He is currently directing the Arts and Humanities Research Council project 'Transdisciplinarity and the Humanities' (2011–13).