2013, Fri, Mar 22 — 2013, Tue, Mar 26

Teens 20 . From Indoors to Outdoors

C/O Berlin Junior/Teens goes HKW

Photo: C/O Berlin

Photo: C/O Berlin

Lead by Ralph Etter, Sophie Narr
For young people aged between 14 and 17

Urban life is always on the move – from indoors to outdoors, from east to west, from one neighborhood to another and from overground to underground: mobility and transportation in three dimensions. That’s one reason why Berlin exercises such a magical attraction on some, and can be quite off-putting for others. Where are you from? Where would you like to live? How do you get around town? Are there places in Berlin where you have never been and probably never will be? These are questions many Berliners have asked each other. And they’re an infinite source of new material for countless exciting stories, films and documentaries.

The documentary film-makers Ralph Etter and Sophie Narr and the young workshop participants will put together a film composed of individual works and episodes. The main focus will be on the young people’s ideas and the film will address their lives and their experiences in Berlin. Once the young budding film-makers have learned and tried out basic techniques, they will fan out in the streets of Berlin and together, shoot their own documentary. Once the footage is in the can, they will return to the studio, where they will assess the footage, decide on the chronology of the episodes and edit the film accordingly.

Ralph Etter was born in Switzerland and now lives and works as a director in Berlin. His graduating thesis film “Wackelkontakt” (“Loose Connection”) was shown at festivals all over the world.

Sophie Narr was born in Berlin, where she lives and works as a writer and director. In 2009, her documentary film “Der Die Das” was shown in cinemas around Berlin.

Reservations: junior@cos-berlin.com

Participation fee: 50 Euro

Venue: Haus der Kulturen der Welt

John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10

10557 BerlinEvent

Organizer: C/O‘s e.V.

Sponsor: Daimler Financial Services