2013, Sat, Mar 16 — 2013, Sun, Mar 17

Junior 02 . My Logo!

C/O Berlin Junior/Teens goes HKW

Photo: C/O Berlin

Photo: C/O Berlin

“My name is... and you?” We are constantly telling other people our names and asking others for theirs. We are familiar with our own name – but what exactly does it look like? What is special about it? What distinguishes it from others?

Initial, graphic texture, individual letters and the order in which they appear form the basis of this workshop, in which participants explore their own names. How can these elements be combined to create an appropriate logo that visualizes exactly who we are – or who we would like to be?The young participants begin by collecting materials to represent the most significant letters in their name. Then they choose a font, graphic texture and other design elements to develop their own logo – which they can then print on an object they bring with them so that they can carry it around with them.

With Judith Metze, Sandra de Groot
for ages 11 - 14
Participation fee 40 € incl. lunch, the usual discounts may apply
Contact person: Frauke Menzinger, junior@cos-berlin.com

With the kind support of Erfurt und Sohn KG