Architektur macht Schule

Mon, Oct 22, 2012
10 am
Free admission
Photo: Gedankenräume

In order to understand why our constructed environments have such an influence on our sense of well-being, we need a basic understanding of architecture and spatial perception. This understanding is best acquired while we are still at school.

This conference illustrates various methods of teaching architecture to children and young people and offers suggestions on how to incorporate architecture into various aspects of the curriculum.

In advance of the conference, there will be a project week from 15 – 19 October, entitled minimal illegal, in which students of the Marcel-Breuer-Oberstufenzentrum design and realize basic forms of housing. At the beginning of the youth congress “Mygrantulations” on 19 October in the HKW, the living quarters they have created will be presented and then exhibited for four days. The closing presentations by the Berlin high school students take place on 22 October from 5 pm as part of the conference Architektur macht Schule, in the presence of participating architects and teachers.

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