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Mygrantulations - You, Me, We - Driving Youth Policy Together

Youth Policy in Immigration Societies

Youth and migration are issues of central importance in our multi-ethnic societies. They can pose major challenges but above all, they have huge potential for the future.

MYGRANTULATIONS is investing in that potential and offering a space for meetings and exchanges between organizations of young migrants, established youth organizations and all people between 16 and 27 years old who are interested in these questions of the future. Apart from the central theme, there are no prescribed trains of thought, no lectures and no seminars, just room and moderators for a non-hierarchical “open space” in which all participants can get involved. The artistic process will also receive an “open stage” in addition to demands for a youth policies that properly take diversity into account. Staged readings, songs and lyrics or visual artworks, hybrid identities or “homelands” become the subject of artistic negotiations. At the end of the congress, the resulting suggestions, proposals and demands will be presented to politicians with the aim of launching sustained processes of interaction.