Day 3 Meeting Points 6

Stage 1: Solos and Monologues | Stage 2: Conversations | Stage 3: Civic Imagination

Sat, Jan 14, 2012
11 am
Admission: Day Pass 10 €/5 € | Festival Pass 12 €/6 €
Omar Amiralay, © Promo

Stage 1: Solos and Monologues
In contemporary performances, readings, dance and video, Solos and Monologues explores the richness of emerging individual voices from the Arab world. The focus lies on the artistic means that might be able to register, document and translate the ways in which artists, engage with the social and political shifts in the Arab world that turn on issues of citizenship and civil society.

11am Video-Documentations of Performances by Mona Hatoum

9pm Look at the streets … this is how hope looks like by Omar Abusaada, reading

10pm Chantier, Muller by Oussama Ghanam, reading

11pm Can You Please Look at the Camera? by Mohammad Al Attar, reading

12 midnight Infinite Time Zero by Tarek Atoui, sound performance

Stage 1: 12.01. | 13.01. | 14.01.

Stage 2: Conversations
The discursive stage seeks to underscore the vitality of the processes that link civic imagination and struggle. As the col- lapse of many regimes in the Arab world exposed urgent civic and political demands the current events of change, transformation and renewal move way beyond the frontier of technocratical „reform“. Where popular disenchantment can not be confined within a specific contemporary practice, new horizons of the future need to be and are already constructed and imagined.

12 noon The Art of the Civic with Mona Hatoum & Okwui Enwezor, conversation

1.30pm The Ethics of Politics with Akeel Bilgrami, Chantal Mouffe and Rahel Jaeggi, conversation

3.30pm Common Grounds and Belongings: A Critical Look at the Civic Ahdaf Soueif and Adania Shibli with Samah Selim, conversation

5pm The Future of the Civic Imagination discussion

Stage 3: Civic Imagination
Retrospective on the oeuvre of the Syrian filmmaker Omar Amiralay (1944 – 2011). Amiralay’s filmography includes about twenty of the most important documentaries in the Arab world, which are considered essential chapters in the modern history of Syria, the region, and beyond.

3.30pm Film Essay on the Euphrates Dam by Omar Amiralay, film

4pm The Misfortunes of Some... by Omar Amiralay, film

5pm Are So Many Things Still to Say... by Omar Amiralay, film

6pmA Flood in Baath Country by Omar Amiralay, film

7pm On a Day of Ordinary Violence, My Friend Michel Seurat by Omar Amiralay, film

8pm Filming to Tell the Tale. The Audiovisual Archive of the Syrian Insurgency by Rasha Salti, film

Stage 3: 13.01. | 14.01.