Day 2 Meeting Points 6

Stage 1: Solos and Monologues | Stage 3: Civic Imagination

Fri, Jan 13, 2012
5 pm
Admission: Day Pass 10 €/5 € | Festival Pass 12 €/6 €

Stage 1: Solos and Monologues
In contemporary performances, readings, dance and video, Solos and Monologues explores the richness of emerging individual voices from the Arab world. The focus lies on the artistic means that might be able to register, document and translate the ways in which artists, engage with the social and political shifts in the Arab world that turn on issues of citizenship and civil society.

17 h The Negotiating Table by Mona Hatoum, performance

19:30 h Tunis le 14 Janvier 2011 by Radhouane El Meddeb, dance performance

20 h Here(s) by Selma & Sofiane Ouissi, online dance performance

21 h Perforated Memory by Sandra Madi, film

22:15 h Do you believe me? by Hafiz Dhaou und Aicha M’Barek, dance performance

22:45 h One Hundred Thousand Solitudes by Tony Chakar, lecture performance

Stage 1: 12.01. | 13.01. | 14.01.

Stage 3: Civic Imagination
Retrospective on the oeuvre of the Syrian filmmaker Omar Amiralay (1944 – 2011).Amiralay’s filmography includes about twenty of the most important documentaries in the Arab world, which are considered essential chapters in the modern history of Syria, the region, and beyond.

17:30 h Film Essay on the Euphrates Dam by Omar Amiralay, film

18 h Everyday Life in a Syrian Village by Omar Amiralay, film

Stage 3: 13.01. | 14.01.