East-Asian Electropop

Henry Foundation presents: IGO, Dubyouth, The Analog Girl

Fri, Nov 27, 2009
8 pm
Admission: 10€/8€, Festival ticket 30€
19h Panel: Synthetics in Asia
The Analog Girl, © Shift Japan

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The golden era of British electropop à la Depeche Mode lives on in South East Asia: eminently danceable, often accelerated, and generally neon-colored, this pop music comes without the otherwise obligatory leanings toward Gothic gloom. Henry Foundation, the trendsetting lead singer of Good Night Electric from Jakarta, has assembled an energy-laden line-up for WORLDTRONICS 09.

IGO from Shanghai, with their smooth, youthful male voices and red ties, deliver the ultimate synthpop of the 80s. Quite possibly the best-dressed band of the festival, they perfectly emulate the danceable plastic charm of the genre at its best.

The Dubyouth soundsystem stems from the Javanese music and art city Jogjakarta and mixes an electronic mishmash of reggae, dub, hiphop, ragga, house and all kinds of other urban sounds. Their single "Bomb DaTown" was a number one hit on Indonesia’s indie charts.

The Analog Girl
The Analog Girl from Singapore combines drum computers with a lascivious female voice and classic four-track aesthetics. Their Preset sounds impart a mildly trashy aura.

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