Alexander Hacke presents: Batur Sönmez Antarktika, Proudpilot, Nekropsi, Brenna MacCrimmon / Alexander Hacke, Whirling Dervishes

Thu, Nov 26, 2009
8 pm
Admission: 10€/8€, Festival ticket 30€
- 19h Panel: Noise in Istanbul -
Alexander Hacke, (c) Markus Johannes Reinhardt

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For three years, the Kreuztanbul-Festival has built a bridge between the Spree and the Bosphorus. WORLDTRONICS, in collaboration with Alexander Hacke, bassist of Einstürzenden Neubauten, presents the second Worldtronics evening together with the creative Berliner Urgestein. More...

Batur Sonmez
Batur Sönmez aka Analog Suicide aka UHF is a man of conviction when it comes to noise The tirelessly touring ambassador of noise plays classically analog harsh noise. His sound can be compared to Merzbow, the father of the genre, albeit more subdued. Sönmez will present his project Antarctica at WORLDTRONICS.

Proudpilot’s repetitive rock music exerts a similar pull. Instead of metal, darkwave is the genre’s godfather. A kind of gloomy post-rock never heard before in this form, a sound that penetrates to the core.

A wealth of ideas condensed to the extreme: hypnotic loops of uneven beats borrowed from metal clash produce a truly magical effect. The group Nekropsi speaks, breathes and generally moans both their mother tongue and German into the microphone, the result is: "The new pope is German / he’s even Bavarian / the pope said / that he’s a tank."

Alexander Hacke / Brenna MacCrimmon
Alexander Hacke was looking for an equally passionate Istanbul fan to partner with: He found Canadian musician Brenna MacCrimmon. Their personal fascination with oriental music fluctuates between traditional and psychedelic.
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Whirling Dervishes
The legendary Whirling Dervishes dance and spin until they fall into a trance – they aim to move from the secular earthly into the divine world.

Day 1 I Worldtronics09 Day 2 I Day 3 I Day 4

Kreuztanbul@WORLDTRONICS in co-operation with the festival Kreuztanbul - Interkulturelles zwischen Kreuzberg und Istanbul in Ton, Bild und Wort (12. – 26.11.2009). Kreuztanbul is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.