Der illegale Film

D: Martin Baer, Claus Wischmann, D 2018, 84 min

Sat, Nov 23, 2019
Lecture Hall
2 pm
Free admission
Der illegale Film, © sounding images GmbH

Who actually owns a picture? People are filming and photographing like never before. In a single day, humans shoot more pictures than in the entire twentieth century – and upload them to networks. But showing and sharing what you see all around you is actually illegal because every single picture already belongs to someone. Owners and creators of objects, buildings, brands and even landscapes demand money for their display. The enormous commercial potential of these images is becoming increasingly important. Algorithms provide valuable data for the consumer and advertising industries through facial recognition technology. Der illegale Film asks what images will be seen in the future and how access to them will be regulated. Many segments that the film shows are from copyrighted works. The directors Claus Wischmann and Martin Baer took the risk and filmed on the fringes of illegality.