2019, Sun, Oct 06

Here’s to Art!

Bar talk with Ulrike Ottinger and other artists

After a bank apprenticeship and several years as a guest student at the Academy of Arts in Munich, Ulrike Ottinger moved to Paris at the age of 20. Driven by the desire to become an artist, she sought out her role models among the writers, artists and intellectuals for whom Paris grew from being a place of exile to one of creative work.

The lively cafés and cinemas, the nightlife and the artists from all over the world, as well as the visible effects of the Algerian War and political movements of the 1960s on the streets influenced Ulrike Ottinger and her work. Paris Calligrammes is her attempt to trace these early impressions. Ottinger’s multifaceted creative phases are distinguished by an almost anthropological urge to research but also to deliberately let herself drift. If she hadn’t spent those years in Paris, would her work be completely different?

In a candid, anarchic bar talk, Ulrike Ottinger will exchange ideas with artists of different generations about becoming an artist, the cosmopolitan spirit and the embodiment of places and times, about looking back at or observing the making of a life’s work. Over drinks and snacks, the evening’s end will be dictated only by the course of the conversation.