Paris Calligrammes

A Landscape of Memory by Ulrike Ottinger
2019, Aug 23, Fri — 2019, Oct 13, Sun

Ulrike Ottinger in front of her work “Allen Ginsberg”, Paris, 1965 | Photo: private

Ulrike Ottinger in front of her work “Allen Ginsberg”, Paris, 1965 | Photo: private

Ulrike Ottinger, Journée d’un GI., 1967

Ulrike Ottinger, Journée d’un GI., 1967

In Paris Calligrammes the filmmaker, photographer and collector of worlds Ulrike Ottinger links historical archival material with her own art and film works to create a sociogram of the era in which she came of age as an artist.

In the grip of political upheavals, Paris of the 1960s also attracted artists from all over the world and was a pulsating stream of energy hovering between trauma management and the utopia of Europe. Between the new beginnings after the Second World War, to the Algerian War and the student protests of 1968, Ottinger weaves her observations into a figural poem. Memories of the Parisian bohème and decolonial movements meet images of a multi-ethnic society.

From the Librairie Calligrammes, a meeting place of exiled German intellectuals, to the Cinémathèque française, which sparked her love of film, she charts a city and its utopias. They live on in Ulrike Ottinger’s collaged landscape of memories in a workshop exhibition complimenting her film Paris Calligrammes (2019).

A film program in the presence of the artist with works of film history that influenced her supplements the exhibition.

The program is accompanied by a publication, issued by Hatje Cantz Verlag, with articles by Aleida Assmann, Marguerite Vappereau and Laurence A. Rickels as well as extensive insights into Ulrike Ottinger’s private archives.

Part of 100 Years of Now

Exhibition, film program

Aug 23–Oct 10, 2019
Opening Thu, Aug 22, 2019, 7 pm

Wed–Mon 12 noon – 7 pm
Thu until 10 pm
Closed on Tue, open on public holidays

Admission: 5€/3€
Mon and for visitors under age 16: free admission

Exhibition Hall 2
Films in the Lecture Hall

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