2007, Sun, Oct 28

É Minha Cara

Blitz Cinema

In the black civil rights movement and gays' political battle, the artistic means of comedy and stylised overdrawing were developed into hard-hitting weapons. The Blitz Cinema section of the programme presents outstanding film works by contemporary witnesses and protagonists of the scene that deal with the cultural identity of African-Americans, subcultural movements like rap and Afro-punk, biographies of transsexuals in pop culture, and the "golden age" of gay New York before the advent of AIDS.

É Minha Cara

D: Thomas Allen Harris, USA/Brazil 2001, 56 min, OV

In a counter-movement to the story of "Little Senegal", New York director Thomas Allen Harris went to Africa and Brazil to search for his African roots. He documented his genealogical expedition on Super8. The result is an essay in film conveying, through an aesthetic quality all its own, its subject matter of the politics of identity.