Bharat Mata / Mother India

D: Mehboob Khan, India 1957, 172 min, English subtitles

Sat, Aug 8, 2015
10 pm
Admission: Evening ticket (2 concerts + film) 13€/10€, Film only 6€/ 4€
Open-Air on the roof terrace
Waterproof – in case of rain in the auditorium
Bharat Mata / Mother India, © Promo

One of the greatest Hindi film classics of all time

After her mother-in-law borrows some money, the farmer Rhada and her family become indebted to the sadistic loan shark Sukhilala and must give up three quarters of their harvest. Her husband leaves her, a flood destroys the harvest and the land: The female protagonist of this iconic Bollywood classic bravely meets all these strokes of fate. With her sheer strength of will and physical power Rhada brings her two sons through it all. Mehboob Khan’s genre-forming epic combines melodrama and typical song and dance numbers with questions of moral principles and social justice.