Day Inversion

Sun, Jun 8, 2014
Lecture Hall
5 pm
Free admission
Thomas Kneubühler : Days in Nights, Photo: Promo

Daniel Kötter: Communal Retreat
Germany, Canada, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 15:00 min

Valérie Massadian: America
France, USA 2013, Fiction, 35mm, color, 06:57 min

Kristina Kvalvik: Distant Landscape
Norway, Iceland, Italy, Denmark 2012, exp. Film, super8, color, 08:30 min

Thomas Kneubühler: Days in Nights
Canada 2013, exp. Documentary, hdv, color, 03:45 min

Joel Wanek: Sun Song
USA 2013, exp. Documentary, hdv, color, 14:35 min

Under the traces of Glenn Gould, Daniel Kötter directs his “Solitude-Trilogy” and interrogates what can signify a community in a periphery situation. Valérie Massadian films a space, a boy, a day, a take, a film roll. Kristina Kvalvik crosses desert landscape views with her individual narrative. Thomas Kneubühler films the polar night, from a research station in the Arctic, situated on the northernmost point in the world, at 800 km of the Northern Pole. Joel Wanek directs a poetic trip that goes from the half-light of the rising dawn to the complete clarity of midday.