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Sat, Jun 7, 2014
Lecture Hall
3 pm
Free admission
Salvatore Arancio : Birds, Photo: Promo

Salvatore Arancio: Birds
Italy, United Kingdom 2012, Video, super8, color, 06:31 min

Haim Sokol: Before the Storm
Israel, Russia 2012, Video, hdv, color, 03:46 min

Valerie Bert: / l'autre /
France 2013, exp. Fiction, hdv, color, 19:54 min

Ramon Bloomberg: Glacis
United Kingdom, France 2013, Video, hdcam, color, 35:07 min

Isabelle Solas: En un temps suspendu
France 2012, Documentary, hdcam, color, 14:27 min

Salvatore Arancio documents the ornithological collection at the zoological museum in Bologne. Haim Sokol reconstitutes a scene from the Russian revolution of 1905 with immigrant workers. Valérie Bert films two women during a picnic. One shares with the other notions on the matters of money and love. The text is by Karl Marx. Ramon Bloomberg explores the relics of the French bourgeoisie, a world unrelentingly dressed with acceleration forces and global financial capitalism. Isabelle Solas films the imposing building of the Bourse du travail in Bordeaux, a space that witnessed a period when the value of work and the classes struggle were engines to the construction of society. Its faded façade, its abandoned floors are signs that time has passed, taking with it the vivacity of the ideal of the Front Populaire. However the space shows little by little its inhabitants, living well and concerned with social problems that are no longer current.