Three Portraits

Fri, Jun 6, 2014
Lecture Hall
9 pm
Free admission
Pierre Coulibeuf : Doctor Fabre Will Cure You, Photo: Promo

Pietro Fortuna: Studio Visit
Italy 2013, Video, hdcam, color, 05:02 min

Pirerre Coulibeuf: Doctor Fabre Will Cure You
France, Belgium 2013, exp. Fiction, 35mm, color, 1:00:10 min

Jeroen Eisinga: Springtime
Netherlands 2011, exp. Film, 35mm, black and white, 19:05 min

Pietro Fortuna travels across his atelier by night; a faint light reveals the artist’s everyday life. Pierre Coulibeuf actualises the fictional portrait of the Flemish artist Jan Fabre, based on his intimate journals and performances. A story of modern fairies, the film projects Jan Fabre into his own imaginary and composes a character that is incessantly changing its own identity. Multiple roles are performed, under various disguises; behind a mask, there’s always another mask. It is also about the passage from one form to another, from one identity to the other, between performance and the film as a “transposition”. Jeroen Eisinga is sitting at a table, behind him is a wall covered with bees. The moving swarm cover the artist’s body bit by bit, suggesting a claustrophobic representation of courage and patience.